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The Great Wall!

Seeing the Great Wall was amazing. The structure is so magnificent especially when you get away from the crowds (fortunately there weren’t too many people in the area we were at).

We went to Mutianyu. There are two different options to get up to the wall and three to get down.
1) you can hike up or down
2) you can take the cable car up or down (it even notes which cars were used for different heads of state)
3) you can take the toboggan down (just like Michelle Obama and her daughters did)



I went for the adventure and took the cable car up and the toboggan down. Once up on the wall, I climbed as far as the eye could see, including to the highest point in that section of the wall. The steps were quite steep! At some points it felt like I was going straight up. It was a great workout and the weather was perfect – sunny with a breeze.

Once we made it to the highest point (and the end of the restored wall) we sat down in a shaded area and ate Subway sandwiches. A Subway was conveniently located at the foot of the wall and it made it nice for picnicking.

The experience was amazing. You can only imagine how much effort it took to build this wall out in the middle of nowhere.