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New Year’s Performance!

For New Year’s the school rented a big stage, lighting, and sound system and each grade performed a dance routine. The two weeks leading up to the performance were basically a wash as every moment was dedicated to rehearsal. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for the performance but I had a great time watching the rehearsals, especially when PreK was performing! Another teacher sent me some from the day of the performance. They looked “suay mak” (very beautiful)!







New Year offerings

Right before our break for New Years (not Christmas), monks from the local temple came to collect offerings from the students. They ranged from money to drinks to cola to vegetables to snacks. A whole assortment. We cleared the parking lot/basketball court and setup tables. The monks went around in a circle so everyone could make their offering.




Happy 2558!

Yes, you read that correctly. In Thailand it is 2558 not 2015. I am the only teacher who writes 2015 on the homework board.

The Thai years are based on the year that Buddha died which was 543 years before Christ. The Thais celebrate three New Years: the tradition day of January 1st, the Chinese New Year in February, and Songkran in April which was the traditional New Year celebration until the muffle of the 1900s when it was changed. Songkran is still a big celebration in Thailand and is basically a humongous water fight.