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The Dish

On the edge of the Stanford campus is the Dish. It is a radiotelescope that is still in use for research. 

The area is owned by Stanford University but is open during the day for recreational use. It includes a paved trail for runners and walkers that’s about 3.5 miles long. Unfortunately no animals or bikes are allowed but considering how busy it can get it is quite understandable. 

From the highest point there are pretty views of the Stanford campus. Rumor has it that it is possible to see the San Francisco skyline if it is a clear day. When we first arrived there was still fog in the valley, providing a pretty view. 

For more information visit https://dish.stanford.edu


Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA

I’ve been to the campus a few times before and got a chance to explore it again recently. 

Stanford has an endowment of $21.4 billion and of course an extremely strong academic reputation. It was opened as a coeducational university in 1891. 

There’s a widespread rumor that Leland and Jane Stanford visited Harvard University and spoke with the president there in hopes of creating a memorial for their son. They were said to have been dressed in rags. In discussing the memorial, they were assumed to be poor and unable to provide a big memorial yet when they found out how much a building cost, they decided to just build a whole university in honor go their son, Leland. 

In actuality this did not happen and they met with a number of officials at universities on the East Coast on the way back from a trip to Europe. Unfortunately during that trip Leland died from typhoid fever. To read more about this click here. There is a link on the page that discusses the rumor.