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Pingyao, China – A walled city

Pingyao is an ancient city with an intact wall. The wall runs for about 6km around the edge of the city. Not a lot of motor vehicles are allowed inside of the hotel.

In the city, one purchases a ticket and it lets you into all of the museums in the town. The city was home to the first bank so most of the museums center around banks and escort service (people who accompany and protect the money). One museum had a vault featuring some of the gold blocks and the molds to make the gold. It was very interesting to see.








A little love nest… Pingyao version

We stayed in a traditional style hotel in Pingyao, China and were treated to a wonderful love nest. If only I had my actual love with me it would have been perfect. The one blanket even says “wedding” if you look carefully. A see through red curtain could be unveiled as well. Quite romantic! 🙂