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Hong Kong protests

I promised my family and friends that I would stay away from the protests but my curiosity got the best of me so I went for a jaunt down Nathan Road which happens to be home to my hotel and the protests.

As I walked I noticed there were fewer and fewer cars and people had begun to walk in the middle of the road, I knew I was getting close. I read that this week there have been continued clashes between the police and the protestors and the police tear down the barriers only to have the protestors build them up again. My plan was to get close enough but avoid conflict.

I could see the barrier blocking the road. It was made up of recycle bins, metal barriers, boxes, etc. There were quite a few curious people like myself. Some of whom stood on the median to get a better view. I had no desire to pass the barrier in case a skirmish did occur but it didn’t stop me from taking a few photos and noticing half a dozen policemen standing nearby, simply hanging out. The people beyond the barrier seemed to be a mix of protestors and curious people.

Further up Nathan Road were a few cones to prevent traffic from turning onto the street.