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It’s funny…

– how fast a class goes when it takes 20 minutes for the students to show you their homework from the previous night

– how for first and second graders it is cool to sit with the American English teachers at lunch but for third through sixth graders it is punishment (I’ve had a few lunch club members from the upper grades, they were NOT happy)

– how much bullying happens in grade schools although it’s really not funny and how teachers don’t separate bullies from the bullied (one kid is still sitting next to a kid who continues to harass him each day, I let him switch seats in my class)

– how the desk arrangements change each week for every class (I used to write them down but I decided to stop wasting paper)

– how hard it is to teach grammar concepts to kids that barely know their own language’s grammar concepts

– how in some kids you can definitely guess their sexual orientation at an early age

– how chaotic my classrooms are when there is a 1:4 girl to boy ratio…

– how much calmer the classes are when even 2 boys are absent

– how I really don’t have a “favorite class,” each class contributes something equally unique, amazing, maddening, and frustrating to my day 🙂

– how one can see the development on a daily basis with pre-k and even more amazing when a kid suddenly grasps a concept – for instance, the bananas on my flashcard are the bananas on the window cling which are yellow which is the color of the mat in the corner!

– how a kid asking me daily if “I’m happy” makes my day