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Recoleta Cemetery

The Recoleta Cemetery is probably one of the most visited tourist spots in BA. It is attached to the Recoleta Church.

The cemetery used to be the garden for the priests. Now it is THE place to be buried in BA. Apparently people will even have fake burials just to make them feel important, moving the body out of the cemetery after the guests have left. IMG_9233.JPGIMG_9234.JPGIMG_9236.JPGIMG_9237.JPGIMG_9238.JPGIMG_9239.JPGIMG_9240.JPGIMG_9241.JPGIMG_9242.JPGIMG_9243.JPGIMG_9244.JPGIMG_9246.JPGIMG_9247.JPGIMG_9248.JPGIMG_9249.JPGIMG_9250.JPGIMG_9252.JPGIMG_9253.JPGIMG_9254.JPG

Eva Peron is buried here under her maiden name, Duarte. The prominent figures buried here would not have accepted her though so it is said she is buried among her enemies.IMG_9227.JPGIMG_9228.JPGIMG_9230.JPGIMG_9231.JPG

The cemetery is full of above ground family mausoleums that go deep into the ground. It is fascinating walking around and seeing the various designs. Some are kept in perfect condition, others are in ruins. The cool part about those in ruins is that you get a better view deep into cavern where the people are buried. It’s a tight squeeze with a stairwell and a place for a casket to be moved downwards before being placed on a shelf.