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What can you make in a rice cooker…

Banana bread!

This was a spur of the moment decision brought about by the over-ripening on 5 large bananas belonging to my fellow English teacher. We decided we didn’t want to go to Villa Market to get any additional supplies as it is a 15 min walk so we relied on what we had in our bare pantries and also what we could get at the Tesco Express. This amounted to eggs, oil, butter, oatmeal, the aforementioned bananas, sugar, and milk (taken from our school’s leftover supply).

We combined all the ingredients together and dumped them in the oiled rice cooker. We put the “bread” through three cycles adding chocolate chips that we had found after the first cycle. We stuck a knife in and knew it was as done as it was ever going to get.

The first bite was delicious! It was our first taste of homemade American food in awhile. We enjoyed every bite and were happy to have extras. It will be great for breakfast in the morning.