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Science Fair

Just like in the United States, Thailand has science fairs. Ours was celebrated by having a day full of science experiments and interactive experiences. It included a recycled wear fashion show, using potatoes to power a light bulb, a baking soda volcano, a solar system, iodine testing on vegetables, and much, much more!







Soccer or as the rest of the world calls it – Football

This weekend our school put on a soccer tournament for area schools. It was a round robin event throughout the day with two divisions. I believe the divisions were simply based on skill as I saw a mix or 2nd-6th graders on each of my school’s teams.

My fellow English teacher and I used satellite view on Google Maps to try to find the location as we were only given a soi (alley) number.

The place they played was covered and had 3 bigger fields and 1 mini field. Our school had taken it over and even set up a FREE confession stand with water, soda, coconut ice cream (I got seconds), and popcorn. A lot of the teachers were there and I think they were all surprised to see us there too. No one actually told us about it. My fellow teacher just happened to ask as she was leaving one day thus the vague soi number we were given. None of them could believe that we had walked there thinking it was too far away but it was less than a mile and not too hot so it was a perfect distance.

Our second team ended up winning their division! I have made it know that I would like a soccer shirt as all of the teachers in attendance had one on.