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Preparation for Scout Camp!

Yesterday the 4th through 6th graders made their own snack. Charcoal burning stoves were brought in and the kids attempted to light them. Some struggled for awhile.

They then started prepping food in their scout groups. Chopping vegetables, de-shelling prawns, and mincing meat. The flavors were delightful! On the menu was omelet, larb muu (minced pork meat with seasonings), phet kapow muu (minced pork meat with Thai basil and chilies), tom yum soup (prawns and vegetables), and a tomato vegetable sauce. I got to sample some and they were delicious!

It was great to see these Thai dishes made first hand. I feel ready to tackle some of these recipes at home now.

This weekend the 1st through 6th graders are headed to scout camp. They have two full days of activities and I can tell you every kid is looking forward to the experience!