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The ants go marching one by one

Ants are a remarkable insect. They are strong, community based, and EVERYWHERE!

I’ve never had to deal with as many ants as I have in SE Asia. They find their way into everything and everywhere. For instance, you think you’ve cleaned your counter but then a few hours later there are a few ants suckling away on the one tiny spot that still has a taste of the sweet spiciness of som tam. Or there is nothing that even seems remotely enticing but they just decide that they will march along the shower wall. My best story is when they took over my toilet. I have no clue what they found so special about it but they were everywhere! In the tank, in the bowl, on the sides. Everywhere!

One of the most important things to do was take out my garbage and keep my eating spaces clean. Of course once I forgot to take out my garbage. I always leave it hanging on my door handle. A space that is away from my bed and usually not surrounded by anything. As I approached my room I could see the army of ants matching outside of it. I knew straight away what I had done…. 

Fortunately there weren’t too many times when a complete invasion took place and I more so found myself facing solitary ants. One on my desk, on my bed, on my foot. 

Over this past year I’ve come to have a strong appreciation of the strength and family of ants. They take care of each other. When an ant is trampled all of the other ants swarm around in panic and then carry away the body. Their strength is amazing. I watched a group carry away a big popped piece of popcorn. Not only did they carry it away but they carried it up a wall!!!!!

Ants have impressed me this year. However with that said I hope that I never encounter this many ants again!