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Summer Palace – Beijing, China

If only it were actually summer when I visited this beautiful palace but the cooler air of China was quite welcoming when compared to my new normal of 90°F/30°C.

The summer palace is slightly outside of the city but the subway system will still take you there for 2¥ (about US$0.30). I met a nice Chinese family visiting Beijing from another part of China. They were more than happy to force their daughter to use her English skills and talk to me 🙂

We walked together to the entrance before parting ways but not before they asked to have their photo taken with me. Of course I obliged. Fortunately it didn’t start a chain reaction of others coming up and asking too.

The grounds of the Summer Palace are quite expansive and surround a lake that was full of people in paddle boats and other kind of boats. The main part of the palace is up on a hill overlooking the lake. As I approached to climb it I was reminded of the Wall in Game of Thrones. Standing in front of me was a massive brick structure and a long set of stairs, it seemed daunting. Once I made it to the top though I realized how small it was.