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Talisker, Fairy Pools, and Spicy Pizza – Skye

Talisker is the lone distillery on the Isle of Skye. Our stop at this distillery informed us that Skye is 50 miles long, 25 miles wide and perhaps 400 miles around if you tried to walk the coastlines. Skye comes from the Norse words for cloud and island alluding to a misty isle.

The joy of being on a road trip around Scotland is that if we want to go down a random road, we can!

Our afternoon led us to the fairy pools. It’s a mild hike out to this area but worth it for some unique pool configurations. The fairy pools are made up of a stream of water that has cut through rock creating a unique setting. Some people brought their bathing suits and hopped into the crystal clear water.

For dinner that evening, we stopped into Sia’s cafe in Broadford and my S.O. ordered the spiciest pizza either of us had ever encountered. I don’t understand how he was able to eat the entire thing! My mouth and esophagus burned from just one bite!