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As an elementary school teacher it’s less important to check your pockets before doing laundry and more important to check your clothing for stickers. I was glad I remembered this morning before doing a load of laundry. I found two – a heart for Valentine’s Day and a large zebra.

Moments of the day

1) In grade 3 we are talking about words ending in ‘ck’

Student: Teacher! Clock ends in ‘ck’

Teacher: Yes! It does! Go add it to our list.

Student writes the word on the board but forgets the ‘L.’ Somehow they didn’t remember another word that ends in ‘ck’ even though I know they know it.

2) It has taken my 6th grade students all year to figure out that most of the answers are in the back. Apparently they never noticed me reading the dialogs from the back of the book until last week. Since they have now picked up on this I changed an answer. I then had the Thai teacher tell them that I have the power to change the answers. Once they understood they started laughing and stopped checking the back of the book.

Score one for the teacher!

A day in the life…

6:00am – Wake up with the sun.

7:15am – Make the arduous trek to school. (It’s right across the street but there is a lot of traffic and we prefer not to be on the news, so we walk up the road to the pedestrian overpass)

7:30am – Arrive at school. An amazing welcoming committee of Pre-K to Kindergarten-aged students is overjoyed to see us and makes sure to continually yell “Teacha” (phonetic Thai pronunciation of teacher) as we walk through the first building on our way to the primary building.

8:00am – Morning assembly begins and the students gather to sing the National Anthem and be prepped for the day

8:30am – The first class is supposed to start but sometimes morning assembly runs long.

10:10am – Snack break #1. This snack break is brought to you by the Dairy Farmers of Thailand. A plastic packet/bag of milk is presented to all of the students during this 10 minute break.

10:20am – Third period is supposed to start but as noted before, sometimes things run long.

12:00 noon – Lunch time! We are blessed to be provided with a free, delicious, nutritious meal every day. It usually involves dessert as well!


12:50pm – Fifth period is supposed to start and it surprisingly enough usually does start on time.

2:30pm – Snack break #2! This is a more hearty snack break and involves small noodle dishes, desserts, fried hot dogs, fish cotton candy (see previous post) or another random, delicious, Thai dish.

2:40pm – The seventh and final period of the day is supposed to begin but rarely does it start on time. It’s usually more like 2:50/55.

3:30pm – The end of the day!

4:30pm – Depart school. Some days we will walk to the market straight from school to get dinner.

5:00pm – Arrive home. Engage in some sort of physical activity – go for a run, do yoga, lift weights (I made my own weights with the big water jugs). Shower, etc.

6:00pm – Find dinner and watch the sunset. If we did not get dinner on the way home we will head out and explore. Otherwise we will bring our bowl and utensil to one of our rooms and get ready to chow down!


7:00pm – Read a book, turn on an English station on the TV (Law and order is a favorite as is Friends), color, organize, etc.

9:00pm – Say good morning to my friends and family in the States. Tell them I can see the future and it is going to be a great day!

10:00pm – Start counting sheep…..