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Terra Cotta Warriors

In 1974, just outside of the main city of Xi’an, an enormous mausoleum sight was found. Clay parts had been showing up in the area for years but no one actually thought to discover why until archaeologists began digging more than 2,000 years after the mausoleum was built.

The main tomb is a mound built up 70m in the ground. It has yet to be explored but a book from the proceeding dynasty describes it as having a river of mercury, with gems, diamonds, and pearls on the ceiling.

It took one million laborer to construct the main tomb and surrounding outs which were filled with terra cotta warriors, horses, and chariots. The first pit was the most impressive. All of the pits now have roofs (they used to have smaller roofs but these have collapsed in the last two millennia. The terra cotta figures were all painted but as soon as they were exposed to air and light the paint disappeared. There were a few that they were able to preserve in time. (The ones featured were repainted to show what they would have looked like in all of their glory.)