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Thai Massage =

A mix of massage, a visit to the chiropractor, reflexology and yoga. And it is amazing!

The place by my house has a one or two hour option. We opted for the one but are DEFINITELY getting the two hour next time. For 250 THB we were stretched, pulled, rubbed, and relaxed for an hour. I can’t even describe the things they did other than amazing. Sometimes I thought my body wasn’t capable of stretching the way they wanted but then it did.

When we showed up they took us to a back area that was basically a curtained off bed area. There were 6 beds in the area, 3 on each side. They curtained us off and had is change into the simple pants and top for the massage. The lady laughed as soon as she saw me as I took up most of the area. Again, I can’t emphasize how amazing the massage was and recommend it for anyone who comes to Thailand!