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Chai yen!

Thai Tea!

This is the most divine drink ever created and is the main reason I go to Thai restaurants in the States (the place by my house in the US even sold it bottled for carry out customers).

In Thailand, chai yen is on every corner (kind of like Starbucks in the states). There are food carts and actual stores that sell chai yen. It is also readily available in all markets. A coffee shop by my school sells it for 30 baht (90 cents) and also offers it’s own version of a Starbucks card to keep customers coming back for more. A few places down the street sell it for 25 baht. But the BEST deal is right in front of my apartment where the lady sells chai yen for 15 baht (45 cents)!!!!!

From a coffee shop, the chai yen will come in a normal plastic cup with a straw. However, from a cart or the market, the tea will come in a bag of ice in a paper bag with another plastic bag around it. A straw will be stuck in the bag. It is quite fascinating!

For those who have not been exposed to the magnificence that is chai yen – what are you waiting for?!? Chai yen is made from a black tea and typically spiced with some other special ingredients. Then sugar, and sweet and condensed milk is added to give it a creamy flavor. It is wonderful! Especially on a typical 90 degree day 🙂