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Customer service and tallness

I judge airlines based on their flexibility. I am tall. It’s a fact. And the best customer service I have experienced in relation to my tallness was when I lived in Spain and as soon as I approached the counter the agents would ask me if I would like a seat in “la salida de emergencia” (exit row). This happened consistently and usually on budget airlines. 

In Thailand I have found that of the carriers I’ve flown only one and a half have told me ‘no’ straight away when I asked about an exit row. AirAsia is very consistent with their policy even when it means that there is no one even sitting in their exit row upon take off (doesn’t that somehow seem like a safety hazard on its own). Tiger Air told me no once but yes the other two times which makes me think it depends more so on who you talk to. Other airlines have given it to me as soon as I asked. Well almost, I’ve noticed that usually a phone call is placed and they tell the other person “mak soong” (very tall) as their eyes move from my torso to my head, then any charges are voided. 

I wish that other carriers would do the same thing. I understand the concept of making money but I also think it is quite evident that I am not your average sized female (an average female is around 5’5″) or even male (5’10”) by a lot of inches. I’ve been fortunate to have status for the past few years and been able to choose my prime exit row seat in advance thus avoiding extra charges. 

So to those carriers and ticket agents out there that ask before I even have to say anything and to those who void charges – THANK YOU!