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United Nations

Geneva is one of two of the most important sites for the United Nations and home to many of its related organizations. Many of them aren’t available for public visits but some have visitor centers or actual tours available.

The UN had 51 states at its creation and currently had 193 nations. There are `95 flags flown though as two nations don’t have official status. These are The Holy See (The Vatican) and Palestine.20170619_134919795_iOS

There are 5 general parts to the UN including the General Assembly (one state, one vote) and the Security Council.

There are a large number of conference rooms. The Emirates Room was just renovated by the UAE. They wanted to combine technology and tradition. The tables are white as it is an important color in the UAE. The carpet is like the deserts of Abu Dhabi with gentle rolling sand. The “sky” changes color based on the time of the day.20170619_121350932_iOS

The Chamber of Human Rights was designed by an artist from Mallorca with the ceiling looking like the bottom of the sea. It was absolutely spectacular!

The official languages of the UN are English, French,  Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. The nameplates for countries are in French or English.

The Palais Nacion (one of the conference rooms) held the conference of disarmament. The League of Nations was dissolved in 1946. The Palais Nacion was originally built for this.20170619_124934361_iOS

Out in front of the main entrance (not the tourist entrance) is a broken chair with one leg mission. Three French doctors wanted to convince the nations to ratify legislation  on land mines issues.

In the General Assembly Hall two big meetings occur per year. It holds 2,000 seats. It will also hold special events, for instance when Angelina Jolie comes as a representative for UNICEF.20170619_130908959_iOS

I bought some souvenirs which I rarely do but they had a wall of map oriented items and I couldn’t help myself… And I was looking for a new luggage tag.

On my way out I spotted a beautiful peacock wandering through the parking lot.20170619_133821727_iOS