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In the tourist information center of Vaduz, one can pay 3 Euro (or CHF) and receive a passport stamp. This was my first stop! I also picked up a map here.

Liechtenstein is a total of 62 square miles and has 11 communities. The lowest point is 1410.8 feet and the highest point 8,529.9 feet. It is run as a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis. The official language is High German and the Swiss Franc is the official currency although the Euro is accepted in most places.

I first checked out the Cathedral which was small but beautiful.

There is a stamp/post museum, one of the things that the small country is famous for. The center of town is a nice pedestrian area which allows for the curious tourist to move around easily.

Above this pedestrian area is the castle, still occupied by the royal family. Up for a hike, I climbed up above the city. There are different infographics along the path with information about Liechtenstein. It does remind you both on the map and the route that there is not access to the castle. Signs are posted around the castle as well.

There are some nice views on the way up.

Nearby is the Prince’s winery. Unfortunately this had closed by the time I arrived which I knew would be the case. It would have been on my list to do otherwise.